A new year, a new you…in just five minutes!

sugar scrub ad

For most of us we have weighty goals and lofty expectations for the New Year, some of which may take well into the new year to reach.  I for one am creating a growing checklist of items that I meant to complete anywhere from two months, to ten years ago, like sending a bunch of pictures of my little one to his extended family (which is so long overdue).  And while some tasks seem more daunting than others, I’m confident that I’ll feel better having crossed those items off my list and cleared the extra clutter from my conscience.

The good news is that there is one goal we  can all check off the list this week using our Sweet Sugar Scrub.  For those who haven’t tried it yet, Sweet Sugar is a “luxuriously sweet blend of Turbanido and Demarrea sugar, set in a base of healing Tamanu oil and essential oils.”  It will literally slough away the dead skin of yesterday.  So starting this year you don’t have to wait to have fresh, clear, and more youthful looking skin, just follow our 1-2-3 step process outlined above and then bask in that fact that while you’re waiting and working at change in other areas, your skin is glowing!

P.S.  We like to know were not alone so if you have any New Year’s resolutions your committed to in 2013 please feel free to share



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