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How “deep” is your conditioner…A love story

Hair Break UpSeven years ago I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, shiny, weightless, chemical free hair; and I thought I knew exactly how to get it, “find the right deep conditioner.”  After all, a shampoo was a shampoo, but if I could find the right deep conditioner, it could make any shampoo look like a gem.  So I went in search of the perfect mate to my already well-stocked shampoo cabinet.  I had been wearing my hair free from texture modifying chemicals since the year 2000, so I narrowly focused my search on conditioners in the “natural products” category.  My first rendevouz was brief, we met on the isle of a well lit Co-op, we exchanged a few glances, and the seemingly “right one” came home with me, only to be shamefully discarded later as I declared,”no, no you are just not right.”  And this went on for quite some time, trying and buying until I had reached such a low that I began toying with the idea of putting mayonaise – not ‘hair mayonaise,’ but Hellman’s style mayonaise in my hair once a week. 

Then I had an epiphany, ditch the conditioner all together, after all “I can and did do bad all by myself.”  You see all the conditioners I used smelled nice, looked nice, but they did not do nice things to my hair.  Many of them weighed it down so much that I felt I had never washed it at all.  Those that didn’t weigh it down seemed to chemically alter the texture of my hair, to make it more fine and difficult to achieve the looks I wanted.  Finally there were those who sadly enough did absolutely nothing except sit right on top of my head until I washed them out.  This was a love story that was not meant to be, until I began using BeautyFood’s Hibiscus Mint Tea Cleanser.


Suddenly that burning desire I had to find the right conditioner went out the window because I didn’t even need a conditioner anymore.  Today I am happy to say that I broke up with conditioners three years ago and never felt better.  You see many conditioners just don’t go deep enough.  They are not necessarily made to do all the wonderful things we want them to do, but more so, to correct the damage left by shampoos that strip the hair of all its essential oils and nutrients because, even the so-called natural ones are laden with unnecessary compounds and chemicals.  When we go out to do Beauty Food demos we are often asked about what conditioners are in our product line and we proudly declare that we don’t have any.   For a time we considered creating one to conform to the myth that every good shampoo needs a conditioner, but then we found, along with so many of our customers, that a truly good cleanser doesn’t need much except water and a rinse.

For the rest of this month we will share additional tips and tricks we’ve learned to fall back in love with your hair, starting with this one:

Love Tip #1 – Deep condition till your heart’s content

  • To get a really good deep condition heat water in a teakettle until warm but not boiling and then set in a heat safe cup or bowl.
  • Place Beauty Food’s Strength Oil into the warm water and let it sit for two minutes.
  • Remove Strength Oil from the water and apply throughout your scalp and hair.  Be sure to rub it through the ends of your hair too.
  • Cover your hair plastic wrap or in a plastic cap and allow oil and cap to sit on head for 1-8 hours (I’ve found that an overnight application works best especially during dry winter months).
  • When you are ready, remove the cap and wash hair like normally preferably using our Hibsiscus Mint Tea Cleanser.

Alternative method is to apply BeautyFood’s Olive Buttercream in place of the Strength Oil.  This works especially good for curly or wavy hair types – no heating required here.